Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Product of the Week: Ultimate IPR Kit

Kit Contents:

IPR Strip System16 Strips - Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, & Green
IPR Optional Strips16 Strips - Clear, Cyan, Purple, & Brown
Mosquito Burs5 Burs - Maximum RPM 450,000
Diamond DiscsSet of 3 - 18/19mm - Top, Bottom, & Dual-Coated - Optimum RPM: 20,000
Snap-On Disc Guard3 Guards
Incremental Thickness Gauge1 Set of 6

Safe & Accurate Interproximal Reduction

ContacEZ offers multiple ways to perform IPR: manual diamond strips, high-speed burs, and slow-speed discs. To protect patients' soft tissue from injury, use the new ContacEZ Snap-On Disc Guard. Additionally, you can verify the amount of IPR performed using the ContacEZ Incremental Thickness Gauge. All of these products are available together in the ContacEZ Ultimate IPR Kit: www.contacez.com/iprkit.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Product of the Week: Orange Serrated Diamond Strip

Orange Serrated Diamond Strip

Proximal Contact Adjuster With Sawtooth

Dual Function

Use this strip to cut into tight interproximal spaces and adjust the proximal contact with the combination of an abrasive diamond surface and a saw tooth edge.The Orange strip can be used in place of the Black Diamond Strip when overly tight contacts are present. The serrated edge easily separates and penetrates the overly tight interproximal space.

Direct & Indirect Restorations

Using the Orange Serrated Diamond Strip restores interproximal relief by eliminating excessive pressure between the restoration and the adjacent teeth. The strip is flexible so that it can pass along the curvatures of the contact surfaces of the adjacent teeth without opening the proximal contact. It is also useful for contouring the proximal surfaces of composite fillings.

The Orange strip is featured in several of our ContacEZ instructional videos, including our Composite Finishing Video and our Products Webinar.

If you have never used the ContacEZ Orange Serrated Diamond Strip, please request a complimentary sample today!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Product of the Week: Crown Seating Kit

From: http://www.contacez.com/rsscrownkit

Proximal Contact Adjuster and Cleaner

8 Black, 8 White, 8 Gray, & 8 Clear

Black Diamond Dental Strip: This fine diamond strip is essential to adjust the proximal contact of indirect restorations like lab fabricated or CAD/CAM milled crowns, onlays, or inlays, and restore proper proximal contacts of indirect restorations.

White Serrated Strip: This serrated strip is popularly used to cut and clean out cement that is trapped in the interproximal space.

Gray Final Polishing Strip: This ultra fine diamond strip is useful to polish the proximal contact surface to restore a natural finish and confirm Interproximal Relief after definitive cementation.

LAB Stone Strip (Clear): This medium diamond strip from the ContacEZ LAB Strip System is useful to adjust
proximal contacts of crowns on the working stone model when the crown does not seat properly on the abutment in the patient's mouth. This usually occurs because the adjacent teeth on the working model are scraped too much at the dental lab and the crown is made too large.

The ContacEZ Restorative Strip System is an innovative new precision dental strip system designed to achieve ideal proximal contact adjustment and complete marginal seating of crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, and proximal contouring of composite fillings accurately with minimum time and effort.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Product of the Week: Copper Narrow Strip

Overhanging dental restorations contribute to gingival inflammation due to the retentive capacity for bacterial plaque, which can result in bone loss. The severity of the bone loss is directly related to the severity of the overhang. It is critically important, therefore, to remove the overhangs. ContacEZ Narrow Strip will clean out the remains of overhangs and polish the restorations in the subgingival area.

Insert the ContacEZ Copper Narrow Strip in the sub-gingival area where the overhang is detected. Pass it buccolingually back and forth until the overhang is cleaned out and the restoration is polished. The Copper Narrow Strip is the perfect tool for cleaning and polishing the undercut area safely, easily, and conveniently.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Product of the Week: Incremental Thickness Gauge

6 Stainless Steel Gauges: 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.4, & 0.5mm

To maximize patient-comfort and reduce chair-time, the ContacEZ Incremental Thickness Gauge can efficiently, safely, and accurately confirm the amount of interproximal reduction performed for orthodontic treatment.

The ContacEZ Incremental Thickness Gauge is part of the IPR Accessories, which also include the following products:

  • Slow Speed Diamond Discs - for large amounts of Interproximal Reduction.
  • ContacEZ Snap-On Disc Guard, for ensuring patient's safety when using Diamond Discs.
  •  Mosquito Burs, for interproximal reduction of anterior teeth.
  • Needle Burs, for contouring, reshaping, and smoothing effected teeth.


The interproximal surface should be polished using the ContacEZ Gray Final Polishing Strip (0.05mm, Ultra-Fine Diamond, Single-Sided) until all adjacent proximal surfaces are smooth in order to accurately verify the final gap dimension with the ContacEZ Incremental Thickness Gauge.


After performing interproximal stripping with the ContacEZ IPR Strip System, select the proper Gauge prescribed for the treatment, and gently insert the Incremental Thickness Gauge with a light brush-like movement. Slight tactile resistance will be felt when the appropriate amount of enamel has been removed. To avoid false readings, it is very important to not force the gauge into the space when measuring.


During sterilization, care should be taken to keep the Incremental Thickness Gauge and dissimilar metals from coming into contact with each other in order to prevent potential oxidation. Suitable sterilization methods are dry heat, or steam heat autoclave, or chemiclave.

Special Clinical Tip: 

Use the Incremental Thickness Gauge prior to interproximal reduction
to determine the amount of IPR that is required.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Product of the Week: Black Diamond Strip

The ContacEZ Black Diamond Strip is the ideal strip for adjusting the proximal contact of direct and indirect restorations prior to definitive cementation.   The ultra-thin, 0.06mm strip is thinner than dental floss, so it will never leave open contacts, and the built-in flexibility ensures natural, rounded contours for all of your restorations.

Using the ContacEZ Black Diamond Strip restores interproximal relief (see: Dr. Kim's Article) by eliminating excessive pressure between the restoration and the adjacent teeth. Ideal tactile control of the handle allows complete marginal seating to be achieved simply and easily, eliminating the tedium of using articulating films.

Directions for proximal contact adjustment for crown seating:

(Watch a Crown Seating Tutorial Video)

1. Place the crown on the prepared tooth and press it down. Check the marginal fit with an explorer. If there is a marginal opening due to overly tight contacts, determine if the mesial or distal margins are more open. The side where the margin of the crown is close to the prepared tooth surface is the side with the heavier proximal contact. If the crown is far off from the preparation, a rotary instrument is recommended for gross adjustment before using ContacEZ Dental Strips.

2. Lift the crown from the prepared abutment tooth and insert a ContacEZ Black Diamond Strip into the interproximal space that has the heavier contact. Ensure the abrasive surface is facing the crown.  Place the crown back on the prepared tooth and let the crown rest on the abutment. Do not press the crown at this stage. Pass the ContacEZ Diamond Dental Strip buccolingually 5-6 times. The orientation of the diamond particles on the metal strip may initially limit movement of the strip in one direction only, but with repeated passes will increase movement.

3. Remove the ContacEZ Diamond Dental Strip from the interproximal space and put it back into the opposite interproximal space of the crown while the crown is lifted slightly.  Pass the ContacEZ Diamond Dental Strip buccolingually approximately 6 times.

4. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the ContacEZ Black Diamond Strip passes through the interproximal space with light resistance.  The interproximal space with the heavier resistance is the side heavier contact, and may require additional adjustment.

 "Finishing interproximal restorations to a higher degree 
is a result of using the Black Diamond strip."  -Dr. Curtis Chan, Del Mar, CA

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Snap-On Disc Guard Featured at the AAO

Snap-On DiscGuard
  • Quickly snaps on and off. 
  • Protects patients' soft tissue. 
  • Transparent plastic to see disc. 
Provide safety and peace of mind!
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Snap the disc
into the guard
Press them into
the handpiece
Lock them into the hand-
piece; ready to use
Step 1